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Blaine is a resurrectionist.


The American culture is exhaling it’s final breath of utter discontent. It’s death grip of loneliness, lust, unhappiness, marital misery and career malaise is rampant.


He calls men and women out of death. Not funeral home death. Soul death.


Blaine’s life concepts are not fashionable, nor are they contrived. Because they are the hard and fast findings of thirty years of surviving — dying - and daring to live again.

His is a curious resume.

Provincial Judo champion at 14. Come on somebody.

Freestyle Skiing gold medalist at 17. Yea, he’ll show you the medal.

National television show by the time he was 26.

Built the largest weekly gathering of students in America by age 39.

All this, plus best-selling books and keynoting at America’s largest Christian events.

Then along came 2010.

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“I’m not going to give you a recovery. I am calling you into resurrection.”


Blaine hit a brick wall at breakneck speed. It resulted in the disclosure of a 20-plus year addiction to pornography and sexual vice. Everything (and most everybody) went away.


A lost marriage.

Lost reputation.

House foreclosures and financial devastation.

And the greatest loss of all — the will to live.


After a pretty decent attempt to end his life, Blaine was sent to a brutal month of rehab. They talked recovery. And more recovery. A lot of recovery. A year later, as Blaine was driving his Volkswagen from Kansas City to Tulsa, he heard a whisper in his heart. Out of nowhere.


“I’m not going to give you a recovery. I am calling you into resurrection.”


Over the next year, Blaine experienced a dramatic transformation on every level of his life. The old Blaine Bartel fully died. Was buried. A new Blaine rose from the ashes.


Blaine has been on mission ever since to equip every person he meets with the sheer joy of resurrected living.


He counsels Pastors and spiritual leaders.

He coaches celebrities and athletes.

He guides businessmen and blue collar guys.

He mentors teenagers and college students.


He proudly calls them his “twenty-percenters.”


Each of them are encountering something he calls de facto-freedom.


Freedom from the endless quest for approval.

Freedom from this culture’s measurements for happiness.

Freedom from the shame and exploitation of sexual vice.

Freedom from the racket of religious fakery.


Free for the first time to be you.

To know the real Jesus.  

To be the person you dreamed about becoming.

But didn’t think was possible.


Blaine is married to his resurrection accomplice, Lori. They are inseparable. Unless of course, Blaine fails to shower after hockey. Together they have four grown children, Jeremy, Dillon, Brock and Ally.




“I know Blaine to be a man of God… who brings hope and freedom!”
— Ruth Graham, Speaker and Author
“Blaine is a champion for men all over the world, who long for freedom and hope!”
— CK, Coaching client
“Blaine serves as an bright light for all who have struggled or fallen and need someone to guide their comeback to life!”
— Ron Luce, Author and Speaker
“Straight forward and transparent… a privilege to have Blaine at our church.”
— Pastor Dean Hawk, Rock Church
“Blaine has by far the greatest comeback story I’ve ever seen in my 18 years of ministry. I have never witnessed more life change in a single person than what I’ve seen in him. He life is truly a modern day resurrection!”
— Pastor Jon Purkey, Nexus Church
“Blaine changed our men’s culture - WOW!”
— Pastor Roosevelt Taylor, Living Faith Christian Center
“When I think of ultimate comebacks, I think of Moses, King David, Peter…and Blaine Bartel. I don’t know of anyone more qualified to help men break free from sexual addiction!”
— Chuck Tate, Author and Pastor
Blaine will help you reach your dreams of being a free man!”
— Pastor Matt Purkey, City Center Church
“I encourage every man to hear Blaine’s story.”
— Brent Sharpe, Licensed Counselor
“God is using Blaine’s life and experience to speak into the lives of countless men!”
— Ed Gungor, Bishop and Best-selling Author
“Blaine shared his powerful story and resurrection message with us at Cedar Point. We can’t wait to have him back!”
— Pastor Rick Burke, Cedar Point Church


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