Blaine has been a professional writer for more than twenty years. As it happens, wordsmithery is Blaine’s first creative love. He is a best-selling author, an award-winning copywriter, a television and screenplay writer, profitable self-publisher and a comical bathroom graffiti scrawler.

Blaine has a unique gift to bring words to life! We invited him to shape the language around our 2019 Compassion Initiatives at Church on the Move. The project from a copy standpoint is a significant communications campaign with lots of details to share and an even bigger story to convey. Blaine was a blast to work with. He dove deep into the heart of every initiative and mined out a beautiful, clear, and compelling story. There is an inescapable grit to Blaine’s writing. He knows how to let the reader feel the raw and real truth while also inspiring them to action. He’ll nail the word counts needed too! Blaine was a joy to work with. Every piece of feedback was received, and every deadline hit. We got more than what we bargained for when we got to partner with Blaine! He cared about our church’s project as much as we did.
— Angie Woods, Communications Director, Church on the Move, Tulsa OK
Blaine Bartel has one of the greatest creative minds in the religious world.
— Christian Newswire

Brochure/Blog Content and Marketing


Blaine will help you develop the story you want to tell. To the specific audience you are targeting. Whether it is the big story of your organization or a narrative that will draw your followers to your latest project or feature.


Great writing, along with strategic marketing will earn you trust as a reliable organization. It demonstrates that you’re a serious player. The truth is, the results you will see from solid story-telling and smart promotion will more than make up for any copywriting investment you make.


Starting from $495


Here’s how Blaine can help with your content planning and marketing:


First you’ll talk a bit. He’ll research topics your audience cares about, related to your business/organization. Then, he’ll prepare a schedule for new content production and — how and when the marketing will be executed. You will review together and then pull the trigger after any adjustments you wish to make. This will help you stay on track with:


• Copy for your website

• Promotional cards/brochures

• Partner/customer communications

• New posts for your blog/email list

• Updates on your social media profiles

• Authoritative articles for publishing on third-party sites

• Press release copywriting and distribution


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Website Copy


Your website it the gateway to the future of your organization. This is where every potential consumer begins with your organization. Are you putting the very best version of yourself forward?


If your site is not telling a compelling story about who you are and what you do, your competitors are going to leave you behind.


Boring and unoriginal won’t cut it in today’s competitive culture. Neither will doing a poor job of communicating why people would want to be a part of your mission or company.


Website copy has to be brilliant these days. Brief. But brilliant.


Website copywriting includes:


• Interview with you to determine your story and desired customer actions for your site.

• Additional research to uncover potential untapped opportunities.

• Detailed examination of your website’s content, personality, trust factors, navigation and organization, ease of completing desired tasks, etc.

• Recommendations to address copy shortcomings and usability issues that are impeding a smooth, enjoyable experience, especially as related to site copy.

• Detailed examples that illustrate the problems and a discussion of potential solutions.

• Delivered in report form with a follow-up phone call to discuss findings and recommended action items.

Starting from $595.


• Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the site.

• Expected turnaround is 2-4 weeks.


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Book Ghostwriting/Publishing/Marketing


Blaine tells the story of stalling on an idea for a book series for three years. He fought doubts that it would really work. After all, he’d never written a book in his life. Finally one day, he shared his idea with a pastor friend. The pastor looked back from across the table and said, “Blaine, if you don’t do this book series, I’m going to!” The next week, Blaine met with a publisher. Within three years, he had written and published 12 books in his “Little Black Book” series. To date the series has sold nearly a half a million copies.


Are you underestimating what a dream you have in your heart?


Blaine has the experience and expertise to transform your book idea into a product that not only produces income, but communicates your story or message with creativity and passion to your target audience.


Having sold more than a half a million books, as well as successfully self-publishing, Blaine knows precisely how to walk you through each critical step of launching of your new book.


• Chapter layout, ghostwriting and title selection

• Cover/backcover design

• Marketing strategy

• Specializes in all genres

• Retain all the rights to your story

• Worldwide distribution

• Full length books starting at $25,000

• Payment plans available

• Confidentiality agreement


Blaine would love to talk with you about your next book. Contact him here, to set up at time to connect.