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Death by a Thousand Lies may be the most gritty, painful and tender confession of an evangelical pastor ever written.

Blaine Bartel stunningly chronicles the provocative story of his rise to fame as a star in the evangelical world and, more poignantly, his deadly descent into the secret sexual underworld of America. 

If you ever channel surfed late at night in the 90’s, there is a pretty good chance you’ve seen Blaine. He hosted a nationally televised program called Fire by Nite. Think of Saturday Night Live for the younger Christian masses.

As Fire by Nite grew in popularity, so did Blaine’s influence in the evangelical world. He found himself speaking at the most prominent Christian events in the nation, writing best-selling books and building Oneighty, the largest weekly student gathering in America, attracting 3000 young people every Wednesday night. 

There was one complication to Blaine’s soaring ministerial success.

Privately he was a broken man. He had slowly become captive to pornography in his late twenties and before long it has escalated into an uncontrollable sexual addiction.

Though he hated what he had become, he lived in interminable fear of ever being discovered and strived to win the battle to defeat his shameful obsession alone. 

Twenty-five years later, the worst and best day of his life finally transpired. Blaine was exposed in the harshest way. 

National headlines. Scandal and disgrace. 

When the mask was finally torn off, he was shipped to Dr. Ralph Earle, one of the nations leading sexual addiction specialists, who upon hearing his story told Blaine, “You are the new poster child for sexual addiction. I honestly don’t know if you will ever find freedom.”

Eight years later, this is Blaine’s story. Told in his own words. 

It is brave and honest. 
Raw and unvarnished. 
And disruptively hopeful.


This moving read is broken into three scenes from the theatrics of Blaine’s story. 


It begins with the cover-up. 

The red button. The deception and trickery. The insanity. 

And then the crash. 

A brave woman. National exposure. The loss of everything. 

And finally, resurrection. 

The comeback. Finding freedom for the first time. The transformational secrets.  

Today, Blaine professionally coaches men all over the world, guiding them out of sexual addiction and into a resurrected life of authentic freedom. He also speaks to men everywhere, sharing his story and secrets to transformation.

In the end, Death By a Thousand Lies will stun you with it’s stories, surprise you with its vulnerability and enlighten you with its secrets.