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Tell me if any one of the following describes you…



You’re not as happy as you want to be.

Your love life is less than ideal.

Your job isn’t all you had hoped for.

Your losing the battle with lust.

You’re a little disillusioned with God. 



If so, please read on.   


Nine years ago, I thought I had a porn and addiction problem. 


But guess what? I was wrong.

This was me at my lowest point in December 2009. I was lost, depressed and an addict… and just three months away from a complete collapse.

This was me at my lowest point in December 2009. I was lost, depressed and an addict… and just three months away from a complete collapse.


My real problem wasn’t porn, it was poverty.


I had poverty of happiness.

I had poverty of love.

I had poverty of significance. 

I had poverty of mind. 

I had poverty of faith. 


You want to know why I reached out for porn and sexual vice? Pretty simple. 


I was trying to medicate my broken soul...


—>  I felt like I could never measure up to God's expectations.

—>  I had lost my passion for love and marriage.

—>  I had allowed my work to become mundane.

—>  I was depressed and searching for happiness. 

—>  I had a mind out of control with fear and anxiety. 


Porn and sexual vice were simply an escape from my ugly world inside. A world I could no longer cope with.


Oh when that day finally came... when Jesus reached down and pulled me out of that grave!

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He has taught me what it means to be a RESURRECTION MAN. 

 I read some alarming statistics three years ago:

Only 20% of men love the work they do each day. (1)

Only 20% of men who attempt to quit porn are actually successful. (2)

Only 20% of men are happy with their life, health and body. (3)

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And I remember saying, “WOW -- I’m a twenty-percenter!” 


I love who I am.

I love what I do.

I'm free from porn and addiction.

I'm finally happy.


So here’s the million dollar question: Are you a twenty-percenter? Because you can be.

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Here’s what I’ve discovered in becoming a twenty-percenter. You better be ready to bring it —> every single ounce of resolve and determination you have! Anything less and you will come up short. 


We must be willing to kill the procrastination, laziness and the fear that whispers “it will never happen for you.” And we must dare to believe that Jesus has the power to raise us out of mediocrity —> into the exceptional life.

But….and this is huge. We can’t do this alone.

I’ll save you the long story about how I spent tens of thousands of dollars and several years of my life working out of the pits of addiction and despair.

You get it. I didn’t do this alone. I took action with my mentors and coaches. I did the work. I did what they told me to do. I did my homework.

Man, if you’re looking for a way out, a way through, a way to NEW, and a way out of your old life of countless failures and setbacks. Then this is how you do it.

You jump into the Twenty Percenter Transformation Circle!

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As soon as you register for the course, you will receive a private access pass to all five course videos with Blaine.

LIFE: Secrets to Happiness

LIFE: Secrets to Happiness

LOVE: Kindling True Passion

LOVE: Kindling True Passion

CAREER: How to Do What You Love

CAREER: How to Do What You Love

PURITY: Developing Mental Mastery

PURITY: Developing Mental Mastery

SPIRIT:Power of Belief

SPIRIT:Power of Belief


Plus you will also receive…

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Sources: 1) “80% of people on linkedin don't enjoy, they hate their job” - The Image Doctor Consulting 2) Dr. Patrick Carnes, Facing the Shadow 3) Men’s Health Magazine